Aso Volcano Museum x Naked Inc. Aso Night Museum Aso Volcano Museum x Naked Inc. Aso Night Museum

Experience Mount Aso as you have never experienced it before.

At night!

Aso Volcano Museum will be opening for a unique nighttime program for just a few weekends this Autumn. Come and take part in moonlit tours and installations created for the event. Explore both the museum and the surrounding wilderness. Why not visit if you are looking for a weekend trip in Aso or things to do in Kumamoto.

COVID-19 Prevention Measures

We may refuse entry

High Temperature

If your temperature is above 37.5°C


If you have a fever or are not well.

Hygiene rules for your visit

Respiratory Hygene

Wear a mask
Observe respiratory hygiene and cough etiquette.

Hand Sanitiser

Use hand sanitiser when you arrive.

Social Distance

Keep at least a 1-metre social distance.

Keep Your Distance

Stay away from other people if you must take your mask off.
Don't talk when not wearing a mask.

※We may change the contents and schedule or cancel the event due to COVID-19 infection rates.





Welcome Projection Mapping

A welcome board only appears at night outside of Aso Volcano Museum.

Entrance to the Night Museum

Projection mapping leads you to the Museum exhibition area. Be brave and brace yourself for a volcanic eruption.

Volcanic Glow

Through a tunnel is a world of lights and sounds that expresses the volcano. It is an entirely different world from the daytime museum. You can enjoy a mystical atmosphere.

Flowers of Aso

Aso is rich in nature and home to many floras. Have fun learning about the nature of Aso in this interactive area. Stand in front of the wall to meet flowers, including native flowers of Aso.

Aso Nakadake Crator
Projection Mapping

Enjoy the volcano even when conditions do not allow you to visit. Experience the sights and sounds of the crater up close and personal with this exhibition.

Memories of Aso

Go to the theatre on 3F and be immersed in a film about the five colours of Aso. It will be a dynamic spectacle of Mount Aso.

Seasonal Footsteps

Walk around and through grasslands to meet various flowers and insects of Mount Aso.

Naked Inc's Hand Sanitising Art

Enjoy art and have fun while you are sanitising your hands. Put your hands out and you will hear music and see Aso's nature projected on your hand.

Naked Inc's Social Distance Lanterns

Lanterns shine rings on the floor to help keep social distance. The lanterns are specially arranged for Aso Night Museum. Come and be part of the exhibition.
※Limited numbers only!

Night Market

The people of Aso have also come together to produce a local market. Catch some handmade gifts and tasty food. The stalls change weekly.

Kusasenri Observatory

Grab a "Naked Inc's Social Distance Lantern" and head out to Kusasenri observatory. There you can overlook a starry sky and twinkling Aso caldera.


Aso Volcano life with fire and water

Aso volcano has brought a lot of gifts as well as natural disasters. People in Aso have been living closely with fire and water. Touch the projection mapping to find out how people live in Aso.


The people of Aso have also come together to produce a local market. Catch some handmade gifts and tasty food. The stalls change weekly.


Advanced Tickets

Adults (age 13 and above)


Children (age 12 and below)


Standard Tickets

Adults (age 13 and above)


Children (age 12 and below)


Ticket booking and further information

Book Online (Japanese)

Book by Email (English)


• Be careful that your hands and bags do not touch the exhibitions.
• Please eat and smoke in a designated area.
• One ticket is valid per person.
• No re-entry is permitted.
• Once tickets are bought, they will not be refunded.
• Children under 16 must be accompanied after 21:00.
• Please keep your mask on during your visit.
• We may refuse your entry when your temperature is over 37.5 °C, or you feel lethargic.
• Some exhibitions might be changed.
• The exhibition might get canceled or closed early due to bad weather or a COVID-19 emergency. In this case, you can revisit with the same ticket another time during the event.



Volcano life with Mount Aso

Aso Volcano Museum x Naked Inc.


Event Opening Days

2021. 9.24.(FRI)- 10.24(SUN)- Opening Weekend
9.24.(FRI) / 9.25.(SAT) / 9.26.(SUN)
10.2.(SAT) / 10.3.(SUN)
10.8.(FRI) / 10.9.(SAT) / 10.10.(SUN)
10.16.(SAT) / 10.17.(SUN)
10.22.(FRI) / 10.23.(SAT) / 10.24.(SUN)

(The event will happen during light rain but will be cancelled in extreme weather)

Event Opening Times


(Foyer Opening 18:00 / Last Entry 21:00)


Aso Volcano Museum

1930-1 Akamizu, Aso-city, Kumamoto, 869-2232

Map Code: 256 456 772*85

Local Accommodation

Aso City Tourism Association


You can come by taxi or car.


Kusasenri Car Park

Capacity 200 cars

Parking fee ¥500


Enquires regarding the event

Aso Volcano Museum


Phone:0967-34-2111 (Japanese Only)


Email :

1930-1 Akamizu, Aso-city, Kumamoto, 869-2232


Aso Volcano Museum


Aso Geo Park Association


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